mobile applications for multiple platforms

extend your reach

Limiting your application to one platform reduces your potential customer base. We deliver cross-platform applications that allow you to reach more mobile customers.

Apple\’s App Store for iOS still dominates in terms of revenue, but iOS Smartphone share is only 18%. Source: IDC, Q1 2015


Android dominates the smartphone market with 78% share. Revenue from Google Play lags the iOS App Store, but the gap is closing.

Windows / Mac / Linux

Desktops/Laptops still rule in sheer numbers of users. Windows market share is roughly 90%, Mac OS X 8% and Linux just over 1.5%. Source:, June 2015


Experience. Efficiency. Quality.
Focus on your application, not the platform.

When you are building an application, you want to focus on the things that are important to your customers. Natively-written applications are great -- they have the best possible performance and can take advantage of all the features the hardware and operating system have to offer. Often, however, that extra performance or those extra features may not be necessary for your application. You can save a lot of time (and frustration) by building an application that scales to multiple platforms.

  • Experience

    Over 20 years software industry experience

  • Efficient

    Less time on platform specifics + more time on app logic = efficiency

  • Quality

    Apps that are stable and properly updated

  • Affordable

    Your money goes farther because your app is available on more platforms

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